Pakistan flood victims export tomatoes, not terrorism

Must read. Pakistan flood victims ‘have no concept of terrorism’Mohammed Hanif on Pakistan’s 20 million flood victims – our “invisible slave army” that exports tomatoes, not terrorism, in BBC’s ‘From our own correspondent’. Includes link to listen to or download podcast.

‘Bridging Partition: People’s Initiatives for Peace’ review

‘Bridging Partition: People’s Initiatives for Peace Between India and Pakistan’ – recent publication including my essay – review in Daily Times

Updated: PIA offers Free Airlift of Relief Goods

Updated: PIA offers Free Airlift of Relief Goods thru its Domestic & International Network

Indian doctors for flood relief? Misleading reports

We hope to be able to get some Indian doctors to volunteer for flood relief in Pakistan as a ‘goodwill gesture’ by Aug 24-25. Their number will certainly not exceed 10-15. It may be another 2-4 weeks before they will be able to go to serve in Pakistan if they are permitted,” clarified an organiser in response to an email today. “The 400 figure is sensationalist, and could be counterproductive”

Fair enough. So where did this story come from? 400 peace doctors may not get visas ??

Help lifesaving supplies get DIRECTLY to

Help lifesaving supplies get DIRECTLY to CHILDREN of Pakistan. Text FLOODS to 864233 to donate $10 to UNICEF USA (<3 Alyssa Milano, Rob Riggle for taking up Pakistan relief cause & highlighting children THANK YOU)

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