Flood relief: Beyond politics

Article published in Aman ki Asha page, Aug 25, 2010

Beyond politics

It is heartening to see efforts by Indians and others around the world to help Pakistan in its hour of need

Even as the deadliest floods in living memory rage across Pakistan – affecting more people than the 2005 Kashmir earthquake, the 2006 Asian tsunami, and the 2010 Haiti earthquake combined – tensions between India and Pakistan can still obstruct efforts to help those in need. With over 20 million people affected – more than the population of Australia or several European nations – and about a quarter of Pakistan under water, some people still find time to play politics.

When India generously offered $5 million to Pakistan, cyberspace and media pundits exploded with negative comments. From Pakistan came comments like: “Too little too late” and “Pakistan should not accept because of the bloodbath in Kashmir”. From India came: “The PM should withdraw the offer if Pakistan doesn’t immediately accept it”, and “India should not offer aid to Pakistan because they sponsor terrorism”.

It is to the credit of both governments that they did not succumb to this pressure. Meanwhile, Indians at home and abroad, as well as others, are increasingly stepping up on a private level to help out with flood relief efforts in Pakistan. Continue reading

Pakistan flood victims export tomatoes, not terrorism

Must read. Pakistan flood victims ‘have no concept of terrorism’Mohammed Hanif on Pakistan’s 20 million flood victims – our “invisible slave army” that exports tomatoes, not terrorism, in BBC’s ‘From our own correspondent’. Includes link to listen to or download podcast.

Karachi Relief Trust – Water purifying units (crucial now)

Karachi Relief Trust is a disaster management organization, originally started by a group of individuals (many of whom I know personally) to help those affected by the cyclone in Balochistan & Sindh, in 2007Their website is Karachi Relief Trust & they are now working to help those affected by the worst floods in living memory get back on their feet. Among their most significant contributions is the Pak Paani project – providing water filteration units – EPA certified, 99.9% effective (at removing viruses, bacteria and parasites) LifeStraw Family Instant Microbial Purifiers – KRT is deploying 50,000 purifiers to provide up to 10 million liters of purified drinking water per day. DONATE HERE. MORE DETAILS BELOW

Continue reading

Floods: Biggest disaster to hit Pakistan; reliable donation links

What was till today described as the worst floods in Pakistan’s history has now been termed as the biggest disaster ever to strike the country. Report by Anita Joshua in The Hindu

An update to my earlier post Pakistan floods: Links to send donations, relief goods. Please see Rural Support Programme flood appeal. Details in Shandana Khan’s email below – she earlier worked with the internally displaced after the exodus from Swat and other areas following the army operation against militants. She writes:

The RSP Network will provide your donations to its member organisations or Rural Support Programmes, in Punjab, Pukhtunkhwa, Sindh, Balochistan and AJK. The RSPs are working with flood victims. The RSPs will assist flood victims mainly through their existing community networks and field-based offices in the flood affected districts.

The RSP Network is registered in Pakistan as a non-profit and is the largest network of non-government, rural development organisations or Rural Support Programmes with an outreach to 3 million rural households. See http://www.rspn.org for donation details. For queries contact Amina Askari at amina@rspn.org.pk


PHONE:     00-92-51-2821736/2822476
FAX:           00-92-51-2829115
WEBSITE   www.rspn.org

Pakistan Medical Association flood relief camp

Pakistan Medical Association Camp for Flood Relief
Donate Generously:
Ø Medicine Ø Dry Milk Ø Ointment Ø Tents Ø Dressing Bandages Ø Cloth Ø Water Ø Food articles etc.
As soon as possible. Relief camp at PMA House, Garden Road, Karachi.
Contact Mr. Amir Peter +92-21-3-225-1159

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