Doctors protest target killing of colleagues

As the PMA protested in front of the Press Club in Karachi yesterday afternoon over the murder of an Ahmadiyya doctor – a paediatric surgeon at Dow – they got news of the murder of a Shi’a doctor in the city. This is beyond belief. At a time when the country is facing its worst natural disaster ever – these fanatics continue their killing spree, targeting doctors, of all people. See news report. Following is a press release sent out after the doctors’ meeting on Aug 20, 2010: Continue reading

Karachi Relief Trust – Water purifying units (crucial now)

Karachi Relief Trust is a disaster management organization, originally started by a group of individuals (many of whom I know personally) to help those affected by the cyclone in Balochistan & Sindh, in 2007Their website is Karachi Relief Trust & they are now working to help those affected by the worst floods in living memory get back on their feet. Among their most significant contributions is the Pak Paani project – providing water filteration units – EPA certified, 99.9% effective (at removing viruses, bacteria and parasites) LifeStraw Family Instant Microbial Purifiers – KRT is deploying 50,000 purifiers to provide up to 10 million liters of purified drinking water per day. DONATE HERE. MORE DETAILS BELOW

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The real deal. A lifetime, washed away.

The real deal. A lifetime, washed away. Mango farmer, author Daniyal Mueenuddin in NYT

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