Flood relief – TCF aims to provide 20 million meals

Information on flood relief fund set up by The Citizens Foundation (TCF), a leading non-profit organisation formed by Pakistanis for Pakistanis. This is a reliable NGO with a long track record in education, and also in relief work during the 2005 earthquake. TCF provides formal education to 92,000 less privileged children throughout the country and in AJ&K. TCF will use its network of 660 purpose-built school units in hundreds of rural areas and urban slums located in 68 towns and cities across Pakistan to provide 20 million meals in 30 days to flood affected people.

TCF is putting together ration bags containing flour, rice, cooking oil/ghee, lentils, dried milk, sugar, salts and spices, dates etc. Each bag will feed a family for a month and is worth approx PKR 2,500 (USD 30) including transport. Any amount of donation is welcomed. Donations can be sent to TCF in several ways. Email info@thecitizensfoundation.org for more info or see this link for more information including direct online link for donations.

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