Appeal from Zebu Jilani (granddaughter of the last Wali of Swat)

Zebu Jilani (right) speaks to women in Swat, July 2010. Photo courtesy Globe & Mail.

The people of Swat suffered first under the Taliban, than due to army action and now due to floods. Inspiring to see their resilience and efforts to get back on their feet. See article in the Globe & Mail: A princess returns to the Swat Valley, Akbar Ahmed’s Huffington Post article Compassion in Taliban Territory, and email below from Zebu Jilani, granddaughter of the last Wali of Swat.

From: Zebu Jilani []
Sent: Thursday, August 19, 2010 6:54 AM
Subject: Update on situation in Swat, Swat Relief Initiative

I have just returned from a medical camp in one of the flood affected areas in Swat and due to the heat, humidity and lack of water I almost fainted there, and have been sick ever since .  I want to let you know that the conditions under which  people are living here, are subhuman. Even though the flood water has receded most people’s homes are still damp and the property in their homes has been totally destroyed.

Peoples lives are unbearable as we are going through the fasting month of Ramadan with no electricity, water or gas. The hospital Managing Director tells me they have started getting cases of cholera and dysentery and our medical camps and health seminars are essential to prevent disease, teach hygiene and treat those that are sick.

For those of you who generously donated, 100% of your donations to Swat Relief Initiative have been given directly to the affected people with the help of our enthusiastic young volunteers who I am really proud of. Your money has been used to give rations, medicines and cash directly to those who need to rebuild their houses and their lives.  We have tried to cover areas that no one else has served, but the need is really great so any help at this time would really befit those that are suffering in a time of need.

Anyone wishing to donate can write out their checks to Swat Relief Initiative and mail it to:

Swat Relief Initiative
P.O. Box 860
Pennington, NJ 08534

Best regards,

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  3. Peoples lives are unbearable as we are going through the fasting month of Ramadan with no electricity, water or gas 😦


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