Flood relief efforts in Sindh & contact details

Flood displaced people in Nowshera, KPK. Photo: Reuters/ Adrees Latif

Information compiled from email received this morning from Maqsood Ali Joyo (grandson of Muhammad Ibrahim Joyo), Petarian 2k007 Jinnah House, Junior Engineer ACE (Pvt) Ltd. Tel. +92 333 2760276:

Floods have forced thousands of people to migrate from Ghotki, Sukkur, Larkana, Shikarpur and Jacobabad. In the latest development 90% of Jacobabad has been evacuated. Special trains have been mobilised for the refugees, heading towards Hyderabad and Karachi. There may be some other camps but so far our civil society teams, political parties and media friends have identified four camps in Karachi:

1. Chakra Goth, Korangi: At least 40 families from Thul, Jacobabad are living in vulnerable conditions. Two babies were born during the floods and are in critical health. Contact Nazir Hussain Dewro +92-333 2284 325

2. Shah Rasool Colony, near Abdullah Shah Ghazi mazar: 32 families Kachho of Larkana – majority are women and minor children. Contact Wazir Thaheem, TRDP Karachi office +92-333 7221751, +92-21 35868791-3, or ADO Saddar Town, Imtiaz Ali Bughio +92-300 700 2815.

3. Mehmoodabad Graveyard: 45 families from different flood hit areas of upper Sindh based there, need help. Contact Wazir Thaheem, TRDP Karachi office +92-333 7221751, +92-21 35868791-3

4. Sachal Goth: hundreds of flood survivors, displaced, now living on footpaths in a pathetic situation. Contact Ali Hasan +92-345 8097712

HYDERABAD: There are many camps in Hyderabad that various people, forums, organisations. Contact TRDP Jamshoro office +92-300 8377241, or Zain Daudpoto and Adee Sahar Rizvi +92-331 3556353 for information. They’re working at a camp holding more than 300 people who badly need food, safe drinking water and medicines. Every little bit helps.

Due to flood waters fast approaching fast Jacobabad, the Sindh Government has decided to move the IDPs from Jacobabad to Karachi, Hyderabad and Jamshoro. The City District Government Karachi has identified four locations in Karachi to bring the IDPs to  Gaddap, Bin Qasim Town, Kiamari, and Toll Plaza

Flood survivors badly need camps, food, shelter, safe drinking water and health related stuff.  “We have been informed that two trains have already left Jacobabad carrying the IDPs to Karachi. Further updates will be shared as soon as received,” writes Joyo.

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  2. Excuse me, the picture shown above is a common scene in Lahore during rainy season and they go through it with a smile on their face. Some even fix cycle tubes on their exhausts to avoid water going into the exhaust to stop the engine and they go on without any signs of helplessness and frustration on their faces. We need Lahori spirit instead of weeping for aid as though we are a beggar nation.


  3. I am sorry Mr. Bokhari but you need to get your head out of the sand. Firstly if this is a common sceane for you in Lahore, it is shame that you city dwellers have not taken your local Government to task to fix the problem.
    Secondly, its time for you to go out of your bubble and look at the real world. The water levels had reach upto 12 ft (or did you not read the newspapers???? besides most dihati dwellings are made of Mud… how do you intend 70% of your population to survive that…
    All I can say shame on you for mocking the plight of the common man.


  4. i have medicines available. i need a point of contact in the US to coordinate delivery


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