V for virus, V for vendetta… In ongoing case against media boss, calls to #FreeMirShakilurRehman fall on deaf ears

It is outrageous that for nearly a month now, chief editor and owner of the country’s largest media group has been behind bars. Mir Shakilur Rahman was arrested by Pakistan’s National Accountability Bureau on March 12, in connection with a 34-year old land case. Leading lawyers agree that the case is baseless. They are among the many voices – journalists, international human rights organisations and media platforms, rival media groups, civil society organisations at home and abroad – outraged by this travesty of justice and urging MSR’s release #FreeMirShakilurRehman.

Leading international organisations have called for MSR’s release

The detention is widely seen as part of an ongoing attack on media freedom in Pakistan. The case, clearly motivated by vendetta, is particularly disturbing at a time when everyone needs to be on the same page in fighting the global COVID-19 pandemic. See my story in Naya Daur, also posted below with updates, about a maverick poet and intellectual with no affiliation to the Jang/Geo media group, on hunger strike since March 29 for MSR’s release.

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Teabreak’s ‘Featured Blogger’ (me!)

Teabreak brings together “all the popular blogs of Pakistan on one platform”. I am thrilled and honoured to be their Featured Blogger for March, and to have my work described thus: “The blogger that we choose to highlight this month upholds a very balanced approach on the socio-political issues of this country. Her role as a seasoned activist / journalist facilitates her blog readers to look things in a much broader perspective and that’s what makes this blog important in many ways.”

They also did an email interview which got me thinking about what I do and why I do it. Thanks Ammar and team.

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