Wiki & Pakistan Quashing Net Freedoms, Citizens Speaking Out

Quick update from Delhi – from where events in Pakistan look even more bizarre:

1. Pakistan Quashing Net Freedoms, Citizens Speaking Out: – updates and debates

2. Update from Abdur Rahman in the Bay area:
… regarding the Internet Censorship Wiki that several of us launched in the immediate aftermath of the ban on facebook by PTA (Pakistan Telecommunications Authority, following a court order). It’d be great if you could cross post it to your list asking people to update the site with any relevant information that may have. They need not worry about formating, one of the editors is continually pruning the content –

Teabreak’s ‘Featured Blogger’ (me!)

Teabreak brings together “all the popular blogs of Pakistan on one platform”. I am thrilled and honoured to be their Featured Blogger for March, and to have my work described thus: “The blogger that we choose to highlight this month upholds a very balanced approach on the socio-political issues of this country. Her role as a seasoned activist / journalist facilitates her blog readers to look things in a much broader perspective and that’s what makes this blog important in many ways.”

They also did an email interview which got me thinking about what I do and why I do it. Thanks Ammar and team.

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