Commemorating a giant – Sobho Gianchandani

Sobho reference Dec 16 2014

The Society for Secular Pakistan is holding a Reference for Sobho Gianchandani at Jinnah Medical & Dental College on Dec 16 at 4 pm in Karachi. Design: K.B. Abro

Read: Sohho ko bil akhir azadi mil gayi – Wusatullah Khan’s beautiful obituary, and Shahid Hussain’s nostalgic piece on the Death of an intellectual giant

Personal note:
Spoke today to Nirmal Das, Sobho Gianchandani’s son who works in Shikarpur. He told me that Sobho ji was weak from the antibiotics he had been taking for a month and a half, but that he was so much better that he was up and about, using his walker. Nirmal had been spending time with him in their house in Larkana. On Monday morning, Dec. 8, after giving Sobho ji his tea he thought he could go back to Shikarpur. Sobho ji encouraged him to go, saying he would go and sit in the winter sun. Continue reading

Perween Rehman. Keep the Torch Alight

Parveen: A 'selfie' she took in Stockholm, 2008. Photo: courtesy Arif Pervaiz.

Parveen Rehman: A ‘selfie’ in Stockholm, 2008. Photo: courtesy Arif Pervaiz.

The cold-blooded murder of Perween Rehman on March 13 this year came as no great surprise —  in the lawless concrete jungle that is Karachi, one always expects the worst. That doesn’t mitigate the shock and  immense grief at the gunning down of the gentlest of human beings, someone who had devoted her life to helping the poor, empowering the under-privileged. Below, my article on Perween in Economic and Political Weekly, India, written on March 19, 2013. Also see the these beatuiful tributes by K. B. Abro (with audio), Zameen Kha Gayi Asmaan Kaise Kaise; Zubeida Mustafa, Rest in peace little sister; and Masuma Hasan, Perween Rahman: the legend lives on Continue reading

The real Pakistan: report on CFD’s inspiring signature campaign

CFD volunteers engaged with the public and got a great response. Photo: Shuja Qureshi

Posted to the Citizens for Democracy blog:

“Without exaggeration, the exercise was a phenomenal success. Not only because a total of 15,000 signatures were collected… but also because it showed that ordinary people… overwhelmingly agreed with the cause…”

The real Pakistan | By Farieha Aziz Continue reading

‘And there shall be more caravans of passion…’

Title for documentary 'Aur nikleiN Ge Ushhaq ke Qafley' - design by K.B. Abro

Several items uploaded to the Dr Sarwar blog over the last month:

1. Learning from history in an age of bombs
– my article based on research done for the 30-min documentary on the 1953 student movement directed by Sharjil Baloch, that I produced (we are making some final changes after which it will be available for distribution upon request).

2. Articles specially written for the Jan 9, 2010 Event Book on the 1953 student movement:
Keep the fire burning – End Note by Zakia Sarwar
Continuing Stories: Social Action and Change – by Ruqaiya Hasan
The High School Students’ Association and my rite of passage – by Ghazi Salahuddin

3. Scans of the Event Book, Jan 9, 2010 – Copies available upon request

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