Commemorating a giant – Sobho Gianchandani

Sobho reference Dec 16 2014

The Society for Secular Pakistan is holding a Reference for Sobho Gianchandani at Jinnah Medical & Dental College on Dec 16 at 4 pm in Karachi. Design: K.B. Abro

Read: Sohho ko bil akhir azadi mil gayi – Wusatullah Khan’s beautiful obituary, and Shahid Hussain’s nostalgic piece on the Death of an intellectual giant

Personal note:
Spoke today to Nirmal Das, Sobho Gianchandani’s son who works in Shikarpur. He told me that Sobho ji was weak from the antibiotics he had been taking for a month and a half, but that he was so much better that he was up and about, using his walker. Nirmal had been spending time with him in their house in Larkana. On Monday morning, Dec. 8, after giving Sobho ji his tea he thought he could go back to Shikarpur. Sobho ji encouraged him to go, saying he would go and sit in the winter sun. Continue reading

Malala and Absurdistan, Mazariland, Cuckooland… We are sorry, Bhooro Bheel. Taliban bhagao, mulk bachao

malala-yousafzaiMy two bits on the muddied narrative in Pakistan on Malala Yousafzai, a favourite for the Nobel Peace Prize being announced on Oct 11:  Those who so easily buy conspiracy theories about Malala being a “US agent” or who go against Malala are usually the same people  you will find justifying the murderous, criminal acts of the Taliban (who are fasadis not jihadis, in my mind) in some way, absolving them of responsibility by terming it a response to the US invasion of Afghanistan or the drone attacks. These people conveniently forget that the mindset that attacked Malala is the same as the one that was attacking women NGO workers and teachers and girls’ schools in the western border areas BEFORE 9/11. It’s the same mindset that was target killing Ahmadis and Shias since the 1990s. It was not just the Taliban’s bullets that targeted Malala and all that she stands for – it is this mindset that the United States, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia cultivated and developed in the 1980s in order to counter the Soviets in Afghanistan. Continue reading

Forum for Secular Pakistan: lecture on “Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s Political Career and Vision” by Dr Ajeet Jawed

Invitation from Javed Ahmed Qazi Secretary General, Forum for Secular Pakistan:

Forum for Secular Pakistan has organised a lecture on “Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s Political Career and Vision”  by  renowned Indian research scholar, Dr Ajeet Jawed, on Saturday 30th June, 2012, at 4:30 PM, at Jinnah Medical and Dental College, Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Karachi. You are cordially invited to have your input in the interactive session with the author of the book “Secular and Nationalist Jinnah”, a book which had raised a lot of debate especially in India. Continue reading

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