Commemorating a giant – Sobho Gianchandani

Sobho reference Dec 16 2014

The Society for Secular Pakistan is holding a Reference for Sobho Gianchandani at Jinnah Medical & Dental College on Dec 16 at 4 pm in Karachi. Design: K.B. Abro

Read: Sohho ko bil akhir azadi mil gayi – Wusatullah Khan’s beautiful obituary, and Shahid Hussain’s nostalgic piece on the Death of an intellectual giant

Personal note:
Spoke today to Nirmal Das, Sobho Gianchandani’s son who works in Shikarpur. He told me that Sobho ji was weak from the antibiotics he had been taking for a month and a half, but that he was so much better that he was up and about, using his walker. Nirmal had been spending time with him in their house in Larkana. On Monday morning, Dec. 8, after giving Sobho ji his tea he thought he could go back to Shikarpur. Sobho ji encouraged him to go, saying he would go and sit in the winter sun. Nirmal left home for the bus stop. He had barely reached it when he got a call saying that something had happened to Sobho ji. By the time he got home, Sobho ji was gone.

“He went, just like that, just as we thought he was getting better,” Nirmal told me over the phone. “Allah took him. Now our house will be forlorn. So many people would come to visit him and talk to him. We are bereft now.”

People from all over Pakistan attended Sobho ji’s funeral on Tuesday, including many prominent lawyers, doctors and activists who had revered and looked up to the 95-year old thinker, writer, lawyer, and above all, great humanist. His friends have suggested building a memorial for him in Larkana, and also in Mohenjodaro.  One of these places would display his personal belongings, like spectacles, magnifying glass, suit of clothes. Sobho ji’s greatest legacy, however, lives on in his precious library, and in the ideas and inspiration he gave throughout his life, and the work he did for the poor and downtrodden.

NOTE: The Society for Secular Pakistan is organizing a

REFERENCE for Sobho Gianchandani (1920–2014)
on December 16th, 2014
At: Jinnah Medical & Dental College auditorium
Time: 4:00 PM

Hope it is well attended.


Sobho ji’s 91st birthday celebrations at Karachi Press Club. To his right is advocate Amarnath Motumal (HRCP Council member). Seated on the other side, B.M. Kutty and Karamat Ali of PILER. Photo: courtesy Piler

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  1. Beena a great writeup on Sobho sahib.


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