A cross-border royal Rajput wedding

Bridal couple: at the Roka (ring exchange) ceremony in Jaipur, June, 2014

Bridal couple: at the Roka (ring exchange) ceremony in Jaipur, June, 2014

This is an updated version of the piece I wrote published in Aman ki Asha on December 3, 2014

It’s nice to be able to write about something joyous for a change. This time, it is about the forthcoming marriage of two beautiful, bright, spirited young people, one in Pakistan and one in India.

The Rajput community on either side of the border is particularly excited about the marriage that will join two princely families from either side of the border. Preparations involve the Tikka ceremony that took place in Pakistan on Dec 7, 2014, for the first time since 1947. Continue reading

Rajput appeal from Amarkot, Sindh

Rana Rani son-1

Rana Hameer Singh, Rani Nalini and son Karni Sodha at home in Amarkot. Photo: Maha Sarwar Shahid

Something I wrote for Aman ki Asha after a magical trip to Tharparkar last weekend… 

The Rana and Rani of Amarkot (Umerkot) urge a liberal visa regime between India and Pakistan

By Beena Sarwar

“The people-to-people contacts idea or vision initially came from the Indian side, when we were stuck, unable to move forward. My country had taken the position that Kashmir has to come first, that no dialogue was possible until that issue was resolved,” says Rana Hamir Singh, head of the Hindu Sodha Thakur Rajput clan in Pakistan, in Umerkot, former capital of Sindh. Continue reading

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