Sindh Flood Appeal – Indus Foundation Trust

Sindh. And much of Balochistan. Submerged.

From Sherry Rehman, The Indus Foundation Trust: Sindh Flood Appeal (Scroll down for donation options and details):

Dear All,

We are thankful to all the donors who had supported IFT during 2010 Flood relief activites.

Again, the Indus Foundation Trust is taking subsistence survival packs to various locations in Sindh. Floods caused by heavy monsoon rains have devastated communities in the Sindh provinces.

Latest figures released by the Provincial Disaster Management Authority in Sindh show that 5 million people have been made homeless in the province alone. Less than a quarter of these people have been accommodated in makeshift relief camps set up by the Sindh Government. 2,243 such camps are currently functional but conditions in these camps remain appalling as there is a severe shortage of food, water and medical supplies.

The economy of Sindh has suffered extensive losses due to the damage to infrastructure and crops. 22 out of its 23 districts have been deluged, over a million homes destroyed. 4,250,714 acres hectares of arable land has been inundated. The estimated loss to the cotton crop in these floods stands at a staggering Rs 75 billion. There are now growing concerns that fields will be too waterlogged for farmers to be able to sow the winter wheat in time. 2,62,264 livestock, among them cattle used for ploughing, have drowned in the floods. While the death toll in Sindh has been relatively low (199 persons lost their lives and 467 persons were injured) this is expected to rise sharply with the onset of water- borne diseases such as cholera and the lack of medical supplies.

We are planning to supply badly affected area of various districts of Sindh with 300 packages. Our Survival Packs contain the following items and allow a family to survive on non-shelter subsistence for two weeks.

Each pack costs Rs 2,000 (USD 23) as it is purchased in wholesale

1. 10kg Aata (wheat flour)
2. 5kg Rice
3. 2.5kg Ghee
4. 1kg Channa Dal (lentils)
5. 1Kg Moong Dal
6. 0.5Kg Milk Powder
7. 1 Packet Matchbox
8. 1 Packet Candles.
9. 1 Packet Tea
10. 1 Packet Salt
11. Mix Masala
12. 2 soaps

Thirty (30) Complete Tents with each lot.

It costs us approximately $ 18,000 to load two trucks with survival packs that carry non-shelter subsistence goods for 2,500 people, for two weeks. We are also planning to include in each package a separate hygiene kit for women, which contains:

1. 1 shalwar and kameez for women
2. 1 sachet shampoo
3. 1 sachet washing powder
4. 1 soap bar
5. 1 comb
6.1 towel
7. 1 Ajrak
8. 1 packet sanitary napkins
9. 1 pair of slippers for women

Approx Cost Rs.1500/- per kit

The IFT has been set up as a citizen’s trust by Sherry Rehman, Naheed Jafri, Jamal Mir and Nadeem Hussain. We make no partisan political divide in which areas we service. We need funds, goods and volunteers to set up a camp and collect items other than dry goods. We are also supplying mosquito coils, biscuits, women’s sanitary goods. Clothes, mugs, tea, mospel, water filtration machines, disinfectant, detergent and dry edibles are also needed.

Please send your cheques to THE INDUS FOUNDATION TRUST, or if you have goods to deliver, please bring them to the collection point at 49 Old Clifton, Karachi. Phones 00 92 21 35834663/4   Fax: 00 92 21 35837201. Anis Memon will give you a receipt.
Tariq Sheikh can be contacted for coordination queries or supply needs.

For those sending remittances from abroad please send to FCY Acct Tameer Bank in HBM 20310-333-400598 for onward credit to Acc no: 151006003997001 Habib Metropolitan Bank
Main Branch Swift Code MPBLPKKA001
USD Correspondent Habib American Bank
Swift Code HANYUS33

Sherry Rehman

” La Ikraha Fid Deen”
{There is No Compulsion in Religion]
The Quran

49 Old Clifton, Karachi
+92 21 35834663/4

21, St 37, F 7/1, Islamabad
+92 51 99100056
+92 51 2652876

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