Quetta Youth Festival 2012: Winds of change?

Who says there’s no positive news coming out of Pakistan?

“Looking at the videos really changed my perception of the youth of Balochistan. Such brilliant young men and women, sitting together for a cause, enjoying, eating, singing, dancing and spreading the message of love” – Ali Rahman, on the First Quetta Youth Conference 2012

Organising team: Quetta Youth Conference 2012

The First Quetta Youth Festival 2012 (facebook Page) held recently appears to have been a great success, organised by Organization for Development of Youth. ODY aims to provide exposure to the youth of Balochistan and to change their perception that everyone outside Balochistan is an enemy or has no interest. Talha Masood (@TalhaMazud), “a very young, passionate man, is one of the key team members behind ODY”, writes Ali Rahman from Karachi, a friend and mentor of Talha’s who emailed me about this event recently.

ODY had arranged for the participation of some Balochi students in a Youth Leadership Conference (YLC) in 2010 and 2011, sponsored by Hubco and English Biscuit (EBM). The feedback from that was very good but since only a limited number of youth from Balochistan could attend (and that too mostly from Quetta and its outskirts), they decided to have their own Youth Conference and invite people from outside Balochistan. That is what led to the Quetta Youth Conference, 2012, “a revamped, need-based version of YLC and Int. YLC”, to quote Talha. “First of its kind in Balochistan.”

Here are links to a few videos of the event, which convey the spirit of the event.

My Message is Love – video put together by Qaiser Roonjha (@qasirroonjha)

Another video, by Arsalan Mureed, reflects the success of the event. This small clip highlights the team behind the event, the motto of which was “Mera Paigham Muhabbat Hai” (My message is love)

Ali Rahman writes: “My objective is simple. We spent too much time cribbing and complaining and while doing so, forget the small great happenings. Though this was not small by any definition.”

PTV has interviewed Talha, adds Ali, but “we need to somehow create a lot of noise on this great event. Looking at the videos really changed my perception of the youth of Balochistan. Such brilliant young men and women, sitting together for a cause, enjoying, eating, singing, dancing and spreading the message of love. Do share this with anyone who can help give exposure as well. I have only one objective and that is, the passion that Talha and his team has, must be highlighted and celebrated in order to give this team more and more confidence to do a lot more good.” More power to all these young people.

Here’s a link to Ali’s blogpost about the event: Winds of Change – Quetta Youth Conference 2012.

4 Responses

  1. Ms. Sarwar, I really appreciate you taking time out for this. Thank you very much. All I can say is, I am sure there is not a single soul which doesn’t feel the pain or is not aware of all the issues needing to be addressed. We need to understand that we cannot possible address everything totally on our own. At the same time, we can’t let this in (perceived) ability stop us. We should continue to do what we can and put in our part. All parts put together can complete the picture and produce a piece of art no one could even imagine. Hence, even writing about it, publicizing it, congratulating the individuals behind it and the individuals who benefited from it, is also very important and will take this initiative much farther. I am sure ODY can benefit from your kind guidance, experience and the fact that you happen to be so close to the pulse. While I wish ODY many such successes, I pray for you as well for all your endeavors, not limited to Pakistan but your tireless efforts in erasing the borders in our hearts. All the best and thank you once again.


  2. hijabi galz so close with na mehrams ………. wow amazing gathering …. i wish 😦


  3. QYC did a great Job


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