Of political wisdom, restraint, and rotten eggs #socmm12

Sen. Rehman Malik: A strategic intervention with Pakistani and India social media users. Photo: FurSid

My article in the Aman ki Asha page of The News, July 18, 2012

Rehman Malik’s resounding call for peace between India and Pakistan, and the need for tolerance, understanding and humanity, drew enthusiastic applause from Indian and Pakistani delegates
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Call for peace via social media #socmm12 #Karachi

Visas came through at the last minute – but the Indians still had to go and get the police reporting done. L-R: Onir, Karuna, Sanjay, being carted off to the thana by SMM volunteer Norbert Almeida. The guys there gave Karuna a freshly laid brown egg as a souvenir. Actually.

My report in The News on June 14, 2012 (written while listening to the qawwali) – see all the News reports of that day at this link

Beena Sarwar

The restrictive visa regime between India and Pakistan nearly stymied the ‘India’ part of the First India-Pakistan Social Media Mela in Karachi on Friday and Saturday. Continue reading

R.I.P. Cass. You fought the good fight.

My photo of Cass, London, March 2012

An email from our mutual friend Gita Sahgal informs me that Cassandra Balchin passed away peacefully this morning in London, barely a few months after being diagnosed with cancer, too late for cure.  I am so grateful for our friendship and our time together. Saw her in London just before the diagnosis, but I had no idea she was so ill until just a week ago. She leaves behind her mother, her sons Dani and Raul, brother Charles and a host of friends around the world, especially in Pakistan where she lived and worked for 17 years, based in Lahore as a journalist and activist, focusing on gender, religion and human rights issues. The funeral will be held around July 22nd or 23rd. Those wanting to send messages may email Cass.Friends@gmail.com. Continue reading

The Philosophy of Judicial Restraint – by Justice Markandey Katju

Justice Katju: “Pakistan Supreme Court, particularly its Chief Justice, have embarked on a perilous path of confrontation with the political authorities”

Below, Justice Markandey Katju’s unabridged article on the philosophy of judicial restraint – something the courts in Pakistan would do well to observe. (An abridged version of this article has been published by some newspapers).
Excerpt: “It is evident that the Pakistan Supreme Court, particularly its Chief Justice, have for some time embarked on a perilous path of confrontation with the political authorities, for reasons best known to themselves, which can only have disastrous consequences, not only for the judiciary but also for the entire country.”

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Eye Opener: An Indian-American Visits Pakistan

Nice share on the Aman ki Asha facebook group:
Eye Opener: An Indian-American Visits Pakistan – by Mahanth S. Joishy, Editor of usindiamonitor.com – extract: “…But even these problems can be overcome by bringing Pakistan deeper into the community of nations, and further integrating Pakistan into world markets.  India and the United States for their part can do more to help bring this about.  I am convinced that instead of the delicate dance the three nations have done around each other since 1947, it is time for all to become closer friends and drop the pretexts for moving backward instead of forward.  What I saw in Pakistan more than the perils, is great potential. I plan to do my part, and this piece is only the first step.”

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