The Kohistan ‘video scandal’ in context

Screenshot of the video: the women sitting on the floor clap and sing a song… a man dances. Kohistan, Pakistan.

My article in weekly The News on Sunday published on June 10, 2012. I wrote it to meet their June 7 deadline, before the fact-finding team submitted its report. One of the members of that team was the activist Fouza Saeed who wrote about her experience in this article of June 8, A tipping point?: Real concerns in Kohistan.

Kohistan in context

The ‘religious’ militancy is adding to the social conservative values that weigh down women

By Beena Sarwar

Over the past few months, Kohistan has hit the headlines for reasons that symbolise much of what’s wrong in Pakistan: short-sighted policies that have given a boost to ‘religious’ extremists, poor law and order and prosecution systems that allow people to get away with murder, and conservative social values that reduce women to the status of chattel who can be killed for the sake of ‘honour’. Continue reading

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