“Focus, and spread the message of peace to all” – Nandita Das | Thousands worldwide to Pray for Peace between India and Pakistan on Dec 18

By Beena Sarwar

From Indian actor Nandita Das in Mumbai, to peace groups and individuals all over India and Pakistan, and in countries as far away as Korea, Australia, Canada and America, thousands are supporting Pray for Peace Between India and Pakistan Day on Sunday, Dec 18, 2011.

Inspired by the idea of the power of collective prayer or meditation, Toronto-based Swati Sharan randomly picked the date several months ago. “These prayers can be done from anywhere on the globe by any one, of any nationality… the more people pray for something at a given time, the greater the difference it can make,” she wrote in an initial article in May explaining the idea, Continue reading

Pray for Peace Between India and Pakistan Day: Sunday, Dec 18, 2011

Image courtesy: Aman ki Asha

Sunday, December 18… Just 30 seconds of your time!

On December 18, wherever you are in the world, take out just thirty seconds to Pray for Peace Between India and Pakistan. 

See this article by Swati Sharan introducing the idea behind Pray for Peace Day

· See facebook page Pray for Peace and post your comments.
· Send feedback to the Aman ki Asha facebook page

Some expressions of support for this initiative include: Continue reading

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