Dr Chishty’s imprisonment: his daughter Amna’s update

Received an email this morning from Amna Chishty in Canada, copied to various people working to secure the release of her father, the aged Pakistani professor Dr Khalil Chishty, a prisoner in India for over 19 years, currently in Ajmer Prison hospital (report in The Hindu April 15, editorial in The News on April 13). She expresses her family’s gratitude for the continued efforts to help Dr Chishty and bring his case to the forefront and stresses the following points that need to be highlighted in the media:
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Young Pakistani prisoner released from Indian jail

Policemen escort Pakistani prisoner Mohammad Ateeq (13) to the India-Pakistan Wagah border on Friday. AFP photo published in The Hindu, March 13, 2010

Great news – Ateeq, the 13-year old boy imprisoned at Hoshiarpur Juvenile Prison in India, reached home late last night “amidst mayhem in Lahore” as advocate Asad Jamal put it, “and jubilation among family members and mohalladars”.

See initial report inAman ki Asha page Feb 24 – written prior to Asma Jahangir and I.A. Rehman going to Amritsar to plead his case on Feb 26.

See report in The News, Saturday, March 13, 2010: Boy returns home after two months in Indian jail Continue reading

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