A voice for peace, and for the ‘ordinary people’

Murtaza Razvi. Photo by K. B. Abro. Sunny, we will miss you.

Published in The News on Sunday, my tribute to Murtaza Razvi who never wore patriotism on his sleeve

R.I.P. Murtaza Razvi, a voice for peace and the ‘ordinary people’

Beena Sarwar

It’s hard to write about Sunny, as friends knew Murtaza Razvi, in the past tense. Our association spanned over 25 years and although we didn’t meet or communicate very often, it was comforting to know he was there, part of our larger family of forward-thinking, progressive-minded, secular, humane, literature-loving and above all utterly decent human beings.

The first time we met was when he visited Karachi in 1987 or 88, with the Government College Dramatics Club (GCDC) of Lahore – a lively group of youngsters directed by the brilliant Shoaib Hashmi, an Economics professor at Government College. Continue reading

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