India-Pakistan prisoners – fishermen, POWs, and more

Indian fishermen released from Pakistani prisons, waiting to go back

Below, my article on the India-Pakistan prisoners issue published in Aman ki Asha on Jan 11, 2012, followed by a correction from Sen. Iqbal Haider and further clarification from B.M. Kutty. Also please do read Shivam Vij’s thought-provoking and thorough report ‘Why is Gopal Das free and not Dr Chishty?‘, published in Aman ki Asha, and Anahita Mukherji’s report in The Sunday Times of India about how the Indian prisoners were treated in Pakistan (surprisingly well) – Warm memories of time in Pak jail.

Looking a New Year gift horse in the mouth

Pakistan’s release of 183 Indian prisoners on Jan 7, 2012 is a welcome step but it also highlights the ongoing issues faced by cross-border prisoners Continue reading

Peace activists urge India-Pakistan Judicial Committee to make efforts for release of prisoners

July 2010: Indian fishermen being bussed to Wagah border for repatriation

Received earlier today from Jatin Desai

Press Release: Peace activists urge India-Pakistan Judicial Committee to make efforts for release of prisoners

Pakistani and Indian peace activists have urged India-Pakistan Judicial Committee on Prisoners to recommend to both the governments to immediately release all Pakistani and Indian prisoners who are languishing in each other’s jails even after completing their periods of sentence and to establish a Joint Commission to devise a mechanism to determine and demarcate the maritime boundaries in a way that is visible to the fishermen of both countries. Continue reading


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