#Goodnews update. And an upcoming event

Glad to report that Ajeet Kumar Nagdev and his children are on the train headed to Amritsar, and will hopefully cross the border on Saturday along with some 50 other Pakistanis who had been stranded in India due to the coronavirus pandemic. Thanks for all those who helped Nagdev and his family, especially Samir Gupta, Shishir Arya and others, including the helpful folks at the Pakistan High Commission, New Delhi, operating under stressful conditions. Salute to all of you.

Meanwhile, need help getting the word out about this upcoming regional event Sunday, on the rights of the incarcerated with legal experts and human rights activists from around the region. Pls subscribe, join, share, post, comment, like, tweet, whatever you can. Much appreciated.

Poster for the event. Thanks Vishal Sharma.

The main panel is coincidentally all women…. (Read more)

Book cover: Hamid Ansari with Geeta Mohan

Hina Jillani, Pakistan; Vrinda Grover, India; Mandira Sharma, Nepal; Ambika Satkunanathan, Sri Lanka; Sultana Kamal, Bangladesh — anchored by veteran journalist Bharat Bhushan. Other participants include eminent lawyers and activists who have been working on this issue. Testimonies: Shahidul Alam, Bangladesh, Hamid Ansari, India, and other former prisoners will be in conversation with journalist Zyma Islam.

We’ll also have with us the inspiring Dr Syeda Hameed, well-known activist and former member of Planning Commission India, and founder editor of Himal Southasian Kanak Mani Dixit, Nepal.

This is part of the South Asia Peace Action Network monthly series themed Imagine! Neighbours in peace – a title borrowed from Chowk.com – that wonderful cross-border virtual space started by Ginni Dhindsa and Safwan Shah in the 1990s.

Sapan logo.

DATE: Sunday, August 29, 2021

TIME: 7:30 pm PKT; 8:00 pm IST; 8:30 pm BST; 10:30 am EDT

Free and open to the public, broadcast on Facebook Live (you don’t have to have a Facebook account to participate).

More details on the Sapan website at this link.


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