India, Pakistan #SayNoToWar: Global StandOut for Peace in South Asia


Lahore, 28 Feb: Salima Hashmi holds up a placard demanding that Pakistan return the captured Indian Air Force pilot – a step that Pakistan announced that day.

As tensions between India and Pakistan continue to keep the region hostage people everywhere are stepping up to urge the governments to resolve all issues through dialogue. They include:

GlobalStandoutCoverIndia, Pakistan #NOWAR #SayNoToWar: Global StandOut for Peace in South Asia 

Feb 28, 2019: In a response to escalating tensions between India and Pakistan, peace-lovers around the globe are joining hands in a Global StandOut for Peace in South Asia. The citizen- initiated event, taking place on Sunday March 3, across various cities globally, was started by Indians and Pakistanis who believe their countries should have good neighborly relations with all issues resolved through dialogue.

We invite peace activists to join where ever in the world they are and stand in solidarity against, war, violence and bigotry in South Asia where tensions between nuclear-armed India and Pakistan have held the region hostage for too long.

StandOuts will take place in cities in USA, UK, Ireland, Norway, India and Pakistan so far on Sunday: Washington, D.C. (Dupont Circle, 3 pm), Boston (MIT main entrance, 4:30-5.30 pm), London (Tavistock Square, 2-4 pm), New York (Peace Fountain, 110th Street, 2-3 pm), Dallas (Al Markaz restaurant, 12 noon), Michigan (22575, Ann Harbor Tri, Dearborn Heights, 6 pm), Lahore (Liberty Chowk, 7-9 pm), Delhi (Red Fort, 8 pm), Kolkata (Iran Society, 5 pm), Dublin (the Spire, 3 pm), Karachi, (Beach Luxury Hotel, 6 pm), Los Angeles (Pasedena Public Library, 2:30-4:30 pm). Standouts are also taking place in Oslo and San Francisco Sunday (time and place tbd), and on Monday March 4 in Providence, RI (Brown University, Faunce Steps, 12 noon).

People in other places are welcome to join. Those who would like to but are unable to reach a designated venue are invited to get together with friends any time Sunday, 3 March. Carry signs of support in a public space or landmark, then take a picture and share it with the hashtags: #NoWar #SayNoToWar #iStandForPeace #iStandAgainstWar #PeaceInSouthAsia #GlobalStandOutForPeace. You are welcome to include slogans like “I am Indian and I stand with Pakistani peacemongers” or “I am Pakistani and I stand with Indian peacemongers”.


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