Movies to watch out for: Rahm (Mercy) and Forbidden Steps

Sharing details of two very relevant films by Pakistanis whose work I’ve seen and liked:  Rahm (Mercy), the movie, in London and Glasgow this Friday


…And upcoming, seeking support: Forbidden Steps – a feature film that aims to humanize a faith and a people that have long been misrepresented; writer/director Iram Parveen Bilal’s earlier work includes Josh based on Karachi’s Khana Ghar, and The PHD Movie.

An adaptation of Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure

‘Some Rise by Sin and some by Virtue fall’

Lahore, at an imaginary time… A young woman, Sameena fights to save her brother’s honour and her own… A kindly governor goes into hiding, a puritanical deputy runs the city, a young man is condemned to death… How will Sameena outwit them all?

Featuring  a talented cast with Sajid Hasan (Governor), Sunil Shanker (Deputy) and Sanam Saaed (Sameena), Rahm is a timely and much needed story on tolerance and forgiveness, cutting across national and cultural boundaries reaching out to our common humanity.

General Cineworld Box Office link for Rahm – being released in London and Glasgow this Friday:
Cineworld Feltham Friday March 17- Thursday March 23 at 19.20 pm daily
Cineworld Ilford Friday March 17 – Thursday March 23 at 20.50 pm daily
Cineworld Wembley Friday March 17 – Thursday March 23 at 21.30 pm daily
Cineworld, Glasgow, Silverburn Friday March 17 – Thurs 23 at March 19.20 pm daily
Cineworld, Wood Green Friday 17 March – Thursday 23 March at 20.10 pm daily
For more information email:
Rahm on Facebook;@Rahmthemovie

Support Forbidden Steps, the story of a Pakistani-American Muslim and his dancer daughter:

A pre-baked tweet / Facebook post to copy-paste and share:

Help #CreateEmpathy 4 #AmericanMuslims by supporting Muslim narratives: #forbiddensteps @irampbilal #HumanizeByFilm

Here is the 2-minute pitch video and crowdfunding link that just went live.  There’s also a Thunderclap on March 21st at 8am Los Angeles local time.

Forbidden Steps Crowdfunding Pitch Video from Iram Parveen Bilal on Vimeo.

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