Update: Kiran Soomro in Bangalore

Happy birthday, Kiran. Photo: Haresh Jiwnani

Happy birthday, Kiran. Photo: Haresh Jiwnani

On Jan 19, 2014, friends and family gathered at heart patient Kiran Soomro‘s home in Karachi for a small send-off/birthday party. The following day, on her 17th birthday, Jan 20, 2014, she left Karachi for Bangalore with her parents, via Mumbai where her Indian ‘didi’ Nitu Jiwnani met her. The five hour flight delay had been exhausting. A skinny, exhausted, red-eyed Kiran clung to Nitu and wept. She didn’t want to get on another flight. But after a breather and some refreshments, she was ready to tackle the onward journey  (see my article in Aman ki Asha; also published in TOI blogs).

They landed in Bangalore late at night, and spent the following day, Jan 21,  at the police station undergoing the verification process that Indian and Pakistani citizens are required fulfill within 24-hours of arrival and departure when  visiting the other country. While appreciating the speed with which the Indian High Commission granted the  visas, surely the police reporting requirement could have been waived for a girl with a serious heart condition and her worried parents. 

20140121-TOI-Kiran SoomroRead more about Kiran and her hopes, dreams and journey in these reports from Bangalore, published in The Times of India:  ‘Everyone pitches in to mend this Pakistan girl’s heart‘ (Jan 21) and  ‘Pak teen hopes Bangalore doctors will fix her heart‘ (Jan 22). On Jan. 22, Kiran began undergoing  tests at Narayana Health, required to determine whether she is operable or not. The tests will continue on Jan 23, after which the doctors will decide on the course of treatment – whether she will be able to undergo the surgery, or whether she will be put on further medication and operated upon on a later date.

Thanks to the volunteers who are taking home-cooked food and providing moral support. We’re looking for a laptop or smartphone she can borrow to connect with her siblings in Karachi. Most of all, right now she needs all our prayers.  

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  1. May God be with her. Jadli theek hoke ghar pahunche aisi khuda se dua hai.


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