Dekh zinda hoon mein – Malala’s response – A poem

malalah-ka-jawab-e1515555118701.pngA poem for Malala by Shariq Ali, received via email, transliterated below, with English translation, by S. Ali Jafari, son of the well known satirical poet S. M. Jafari.


Dekh zinda hoon main
Humla awar mere
Dekh zinda hoon main!
Meray Rab ki raza
waqt ka faisla
Dekh zinda hooan main!

Ik teri soch hai
teergi ki makeen
Korh main mubtila
Haath main aslaha
Munh chhupaaey huay
Begunaahon pay tu
chhup kay hamla karay
Ye tera hausla!

Ik meri soch hay
subh ki taazgi
Sabz waadi hay ghar
aur saheli saba
aur yeh jharnay mere
saath naghma sara
saaz e dumsaaz hai
Shor-e-darya mira
Shaakh e dil peh naey
Phool khilnay ko hain

Dekh mera qalam
mera hathyaar hay
pyar ka geet hay
amn ka saaz hay
Iss siyah raat main
roshni ka safar
haan mera khwaab hay
ghup anhderon main hoon
jhilimilata diya
Dekh zinda hoon main!

Dekh ye bhi keh main
ab kay tanha nahin.
Anginat log hain
saath naghma sara
Mard-o-zun aik ja
ye hay Rab ki raza!
waqt ka faisla!

Aaj rooposh tu
or main surkhroo!
humla aawar meray
Dekh zinda hoon main!
Ye hay Rab ki raza!
Waqt ka faisla!

TRANSLATION: Malala’s Response

Behold my assassin! I am alive
It’s the verdict of time, I am immortal
Your mind is but abode of dark forces
Like a leper with a gun in his hand

To hide your face, is your valor
And assault the innocents from coward’s ambuscade

My vision is fragrance of fresh mornings
Green meadows are my home, zephyr is my friend
Bubbling brooks sing in unison with me
Roar of the seas is rhythm to my song
On the bough of my heart, fresh flowers are about to bloom
Behold well! My pen is the weapon to defy you
It composes songs of love, it sets the melody of peace

In this dark night, the journey of light
Indeed, that’s my dream
In this utter darkness, I am the shimmering lamp
Hark! I am alive

Also behold, now I am not alone
Innumerable are singing with me in unison
Those men and women, the very pride of humanism, stand united
This is the Divine will, Time has passed its verdict
Today you are in hiding but my head is high
Behold my assassin, I am the symbol of life
Verily this is the Divine will

4 Responses

  1. Hi, Tanks Beena. Nasir



  2. It is sex, a mysterious life force, having its own law, free of human reason and morality.


    • Sir, with all due respect, rape is a crime driven more by the perpetrator’s need to assert power rather than ‘sex’ – which is why small children, babies and toddlers, are also subjected to rape.


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