Milne Do: Online petition urging India, Pakistan to let people meet

The people of Pakistan and India, people of Indian and Pakistani origin around the world, and friends of India and Pakistan, are fed up of the visa restrictions that prevent them from visiting families in the other country. There isn’t even a tourist visa protocol between these two biggest neighbours of South Asia. People in the region want the right to travel and to trade, to walk along coastlines and roads that represent their collective past, to seek and spread harmony across a subcontinent not divided by politics and propaganda. In this modern age of interdependence, it is a tragedy that the citizens of India and Pakistan are left peering over a border made indomitable and intimidating. There is little space for the hand of friendship to be extended across this border. This must change. Sign the Aman ki Asha Milne Do petition at . Let’s get a thousand signatures in time to present to the Foreign Ministers when they meet in Islamabad on September 8 2012.


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  2. […] هاتين الجارتين الكبيرتين في جنوب آسيا. أيدت مدونة “رحلات إلى الديمقراطية” عريضة ميلين دو التي ترعاها حملة امن کی آشا “أمل […]


  3. […] δυο αυτούς μεγαλύτερους γείτονες της Νότιας Ασίας. Το Journeys To Democracy προώθησε τη διαδικτυακή αίτηση “Aman ki Asha Milne Do” […]


  4. […] sa pagkuha ng tourist visa sa pagitan ng dalawang bansa sa Timog Asya. Isinusulong ng inisiyatibong ‘Journeys To Democracy' [en] ang petisyong ‘Aman ki Asha Milne Do' [en] upang tuluyan itong mabago. Tweet […]


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