Inspiring musical video tribute to Ahmed Faraz from his son Sarmad

The late great poet Ahmed Faraz’s son Sarmad Faraz pays tribute to his father, by releasing a music video titled “Shayar”, which features the poet reciting his verses in his inimitable manner.

Sarmad is a musician and is best-known for being in the band Corduroy. He chose this particular poem of his late father because it espouses resilience, individuality and change.

The poem “Shayar” is part of Ahmed Faraz’s first-ever published book Tanha Tanha (1954). (Read more below).

“This poem discusses the role of a poet and his transformation from being an entertainer for royalty to becoming a loud, determined and powerful voice for the common man. It’s about motivation, bringing about a change and challenging one’s fears and raising one’s voice against oppression, status quo and injustice,” ,” says the Youtube description.

“In short, people who are at a position of influence such as artists, intellectuals and students should use their abilities to make their own small differences which collectively act as catalysts for an overall widespread, impactful and positive change. This message is for all our youth who have the desire to reshape our nation for the better.”

Shot in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, the video was supported by friends and family.

Source: PKonweb

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