Support Rimsha Masih: Pls join demo in Lahore, Aug 25, 4 pm

Posted by :  LAHORE protest against blasphemy charges and detention of Rimsha Masih: Join us in solidarity on 25 August 2012; Time: 4 pm.  Venue: Youhanabad, Ferozepur Road, Lahore from: Life for All Pakistan and Masihi Foundation Pakistan.

In my view, it doesn’t matter how old she is or whether she’s got Downs Syndrome or not. There must be a stop to charging & demanding death for anyone accused of ‘blasphemy’.

2 Responses

  1. With Down syndrome and Never Been To School Lowers Her Mental age significantly ! It’s Like having a 5 Year Old in Prison! I This Is Wrong In Every Country, Every color, Every Race ,Every Religion! This Violets and Threatens All People With Disabilities!


    • The Girl Most Likely has never been away from her Mom and Dad And Most Likely Does not even understand What Is Going On. why people are trying to hurt her! If You Can’t Read Cant Write Have a Speech Impairment a Mental Impairment ! This Was Not about Religion to this Little Girl ! This Case Is Wrong on all Levels! This Is About Police Pride and Not Wanting to Admit they Made a Mistake! Let the World Be Proud Of You Pakistan !Admit You were Wrong and Release this Little Girl and Move Her Family To a Safe Place!


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