Amna Chishty’s appeal to Governor Rajasthan re Dr Chishty

A rare family meeting at Hatundi, 2007: Dr Chishty with daughter Amna, her children and his nephew's children.

June 23, 2011

Honorable Sh. Shivraj Patil
Governor of Rajasthan
Raj Bhawan, Civil Lines,
Jaipur, India

Subject: Case of Pakistani Prisoner Dr. Syed Mohammed Khaleel Chishty

This is regarding the mercy petition of my father Dr. Chishty who is presently in Ajmer prison hospital.

I am extremely grateful to the Government of Rajasthan for taking his case under consideration and reviewing his mercy petition. I have been informed that after receiving a positive recommendation from the Rajasthan Chief Minister, my father’s plea for mercy and clemency is currently under review at your esteemed office. I am writing to request you to kindly look into his case with compassion and consider his age, health, educational background as well as past behavior while in India for the last 19 years and recommend his release at the earliest.

My father who is almost 80 years old and in failing health does not have much time left, as his daughter I wish to see him live once again with dignity before its too late. The recent positive developments have given hope to my mother who has been patiently waiting for her husband to return for the last 19 years.

I trust that when you review his case you will see that he was a victim of circumstances and was falsely implicated in the case. He has spent 19 years away from his home and family waiting for justice only to receive a life sentence at an old age. This only means if kept in prison his life will end there and we will never see him again. I humbly request you to grant his release on humanitarian grounds, as I am certain that if something happens to him, then my mother will also loose her will to live and we will loose both our parents at once.

Sir, under the current goodwill created between the two countries several prisoners on both sides have been released including the release of Mr. Gopal Dass, and I am certain that a positive decision on my father’s plea will enhance this good will. Therefore I humbly request you to use your constitutional power as the Governor of Rajasthan to grant my father’s mercy petition and allow him to go home to his family in Pakistan before it’s too late for him.


Amna Chishty
Daughter of Dr. Khaleel Chishty

Faxed by Kind Courtesy Sri Prem Krishan Sharma- President PUCL Rajasthan

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