Withdrawal of public prosecutor in Salmaan Taseer murder hearing

Please endorse Citizens for Democracy letters to President, Prime Minister, Chief Justice and Bar Associations of Pakistan seeking justice for assassinated Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer – yesterday the public prosecutor refused to appear in court, reportedly because he was not given adequate protection. He must be provided security and those threatening him dealt with according to law.  “This is an utterly unacceptable situation. It is indeed a sad day when a victim cannot find legal representation but many lawyers offer to represent a murderer, gratis.We demand that the assassinated Punjab Governor be provided appropriate legal representation by the State. We demand that both the Punjab and Federal governments immediately provide the prosecutor the requisite protection to enable him to appear in court and discharge his legal duties…”

Expecting justice to be done and the rule of law to be followed…

One Response

  1. Horrible! This is the murder of justice, which means murder of humanity. To what depths the ‘Deen-e-Mustafa’ and Jinnah’s Pakistan have been made to fall! This is a crime against humanity and, apparently, the only option left for the victim’s family is to go now to the International Court of Justice for seeking justice for crime against humanity.

    As for the lawyers, they have proved the time honored saying of the Urdu poet, Akbar Allahabadi:

    “پیدا ہوا وکیل تو ابلیس نے کہا
    لو آج ہم بھی صاحبے اولاد ہو گئے”

    Btw, when the accused has confessed his guilt of murdering Salman Taseer why not the judge do away with a public prosecutor and proceed with delivering his judgment.


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