Gainesville Muslims show how to react intelligently and peacefully

Abdullah Shah, 5, visiting the United States from Pakistan with his parents, at an Ecumenical Prayer Vigil July 8 in Gainesville, Fla. — Photo by Scott Camil

Wrote this on Sept 9, before the pastor called off his silly, but potentially dangrous plan. beena

Muslims of Gainesville appeal for calm

Muslims of Gainesville, Florida, have appealed to fellow Muslims to remain calm in response to the ‘Quran burning day’ announced by a pastor in that city.

“Remember that this does not represent America, this does not represent Florida and this does not represent Gainesville,” wrote Mohsen Ali, a Gainsville resident of Pakistani origin in an email sent to friends on September 6, 2010, subsequently posted at various places including this blog.

Ali pointed out that Terry Jones, the pastor who announced this sacrilege heads a ‘fringe group’ — the little known Dove Church initiating the sacrilege reportedly has less than a hundred members. “This is not a global conspiracy against Islam, these are just few hate mongers trying to get attention.” Continue reading

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