Honour and take forward the legacies: M.B. Naqvi, Prof. Nauman, Pervez Masih

Prof. M. Nauman

The cause of progressive politics in Pakistan suffered two major losses over the past week, with the passing away of veteran journalist M.B. Naqvi, 81, on November 7th, and Prof. M. Nauman, 58, on Nov 15th.


I know they would both have been present at the event planned for Jan 9-10 in Karachi to honour and take forward the legacy of the 1950’s student movement – and they remain with us in spirit and through their ideas, work and commitment. See the Dr Sarwar blog for more on both.

Three-year old Diya with mother Shaheen and father Pervez's photo (courtesy Fauzia Minallah)

Honour Pervez Masih: a janitor at the International Islamic University, killed when he stopped a suicide attacker (reportedly in women’s clothes) from entering the cafeteria for female students on Nov 16th. His heroic stand saved the lives of more than 300 students. Many to remember him as a hero — but his mother told a CNN reporter, `My hero is dead’. 
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