‘Kill a Turk and rest’: Avnery in Tikkun; assaulted after peace rally; GAZA

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Thanks to Sandy Tarlin in NY for this email update from Tikkun (email: magazine@tikkun.org) including:

  • Editors’ note on the assault on Uri Avnery, 86, after he spoke at a peace rally in Tel Aviv
  • Avnery’s article on the Gaza flotilla.
  • Full account of the assault on Avnery
  • Lying About The Gaza Flotilla Disaster & facts on Gaza blockade

Long, but worth reading in full….  READ ON…posted to my yahoogroup – text below Continue reading

‘It is a crazy thing that only a government that crossed all red lines can do’

Israeli forces approach one of six ships bound for Gaza in the Mediterranean Sea. Photo: Reuters

More power to Uri Avnery; outrage re Israeli attack on aid ships going to Gaza

Just since Friday: the Maoist train attack in West Bengal, the Ahmedi massacre in Lahore the same day, and today, just as we’re getting our breaths back, the Israeli attack on the Freedom Flotilla bringing relief goods and humanitarian aid to Gaza – some 20 killed, several injured. Israel has reportedly arrested all the 700 activists on the boats, incl.1976 Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mairead Corrigan of Ireland, European legislators and a Holocaust survivor.

Three Pakistanis were among those taken into custody including the popular Pakistani TV anchor and journalist Talat Hussain and his producer. A priest and Muslim cleric were reportedly among the critically wounded by Israeli gunfire. See timeline of attack and photos at this Gulf News report

Cyberspace has been abuzz with outrage at the developments. Some tweets: Continue reading

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