Facebook support sucks (thanks for restoring my account – but with ‘sifarish’)

Further update: It all depends on who you know… I am grateful to Shahzad Ahmad of Bytes for All for appealing on my behalf via email to Sir Richard Allen, Facebook’s Director of Policy in Europe. Sir Richard forwarded the sifarish to an internal team at Facebook, and my account was restored within hours. I would like to thank both of them – but the issue still remains for so many Facebook users who don’t have recourse to such resources. That’s something Facebook still needs to work on.

UPDATE. As I finished writing this post, I checked facebook again, and it seems the block on me has been lifted. But I’m posting my rant anyway.

Since November 22, when I made a password error, Facebook has restricted me from certain features for 30 days.

  • I can’t ‘like’ statuses (mine or anyone else’s)
  • I can’t comment on wall posts (even my own)
  • I can’t reply to or send messages (though I can see them).

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