Personal Political: A flood of despair, a trickle of hope

About a fifth of Pakistan is under water. BBC graphic, Aug 25, 2010

Karachi, Aug 24, 2010 – my monthly column, written three weeks into the most devastating floods Pakistan has ever known, and shortly after India’s aid offer of $5 million to help flood-affected Pakistan, published in The News on Sunday (Aug 31) and Hardnews, India (Sept 1). India later upped the offer by $20 million.
Explaining the decision to the Lok Sabha (Parliament) on Aug 31, External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna said in his speech, “We cannot remain unconcerned with this grave humanitarian crisis of enormous magnitude in our immediate neighbourhood.”

PERSONAL POLITICAL: A flood of despair, a trickle of hope

Beena Sarwar

July 28, 2010 was a bad day for Pakistan. That morning, heavy rains led to a private airline plane crashing into the Margalla hills near Islamabad, killing all 152 on board. The rains also brought the most devastating floods in living memory.

That day, I and a few Pakistani water experts landed in Delhi for a closed-door seminar on water as an issue that causes tensions between India and Pakistan, organised by the Centre for Dialogue and Reconciliation and Aman ki Asha where I work. By the time we returned home on July 31, the floods had claimed 500 lives in northern Pakistan and left thousands homeless. Continue reading

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