Flood appeal update from Pakistan Medical Association

APPEAL from Pakistan Medical Association, Karachi, very credible organisation run by dedicated, committed doctors many of whom I know personally: Please Help Urgently

We need a large amount of money to buy food for the flood affected brothers and sisters. It is estimated that to feed 500 families for five days (average family has five members each) we need 27,00,000/= 27 Lac Rupees, Hence we need large donations. Please donate so that we can buy

Ø Dates Ø Dry Milk Ø Channa Ø Biscuits Ø Water cans

Donate by cheques or cash to Pakistan Medical Association or contact the following
Dr. Shershah Syed, Dr. Habib Soomro, Dr. M Idress Adhi, Dr. S. Amir Raza, Dr. Salamat Kamal, Dr. Samrina Hashmi, Dr. Nighat Shah, Dr. Ismail Memon, Dr. Wajahat Malik, Dr. Kiran Ejaz

PMA bank account info:
Pakistan Medical Association
Bank  National Bank of Pakistan ,M.A.Jinnah Branch
Branch Code        0027
Account no.         000014-7
Swift code            NBPAPKKA

PMA, House, Sir Aga Khan III Road, Garden, Karachi
Phone no: 021-32251159, 021-32231534, 0300-2275831
Email: pmamoderator@ yahoo.com

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