Shadow boxing with imaginary blasphemers in a ‘republic of fear’

Shadow boxing with imaginary blasphemers in a ‘republic of fear’:

An analysis and chronology of recent moves to amend the controversial, man-made ‘blasphemy laws’ of Pakistan – Nasim Zehra in Citizens for Democracy blog

Citizens for democracy press statements

Press Statement: No one has the right to term someone else a ‘blasphemer’

Open letter to Chairman Senate: protest justification of murder

Great turnout, great resolve: Reference for Salmaan Taseer, Karachi

Ulema concede that debating or amending ‘blasphemy laws’ is not against Islam

Request for Suo Moto action against vigilantism, incitement to violence

Statement on assassination of Salmaan Taseer

Copy of a pamphlet including contact details of those threatening Sherry Rehman and anyone else who supports amendments to the 'blasphemy laws', distributed today in Karachi after Friday prayers

Citizens for Democracy, Pakistan:

Position and Press Statement on assassination of Salmaan Taseer

Karachi: Citizens for Democracy (CFD), a nation-wide umbrella group of political parties, trade unions, professional organisations, NGOs and individuals, strongly condemns the cold-blooded and cowardly murder of Salmaan Taseer.

The unarmed Governor of Punjab was shot in the back in the most cowardly manner by one of his own bodyguards on Jan 4, 2011, following a concerted propaganda campaign that falsely accused him of having been disrespectful to the Prophet of Islam (peace be upon on Him). This campaign was conducted in the media and through the mosques. Continue reading

Strategising to counter ‘blasphemy law’ hype

We had a good meeting yesterday in Karachi, convened by the newly formed Citizens for Democracy, to strategise about developing a long-term strategy to counter the ‘blasphemy law’ hype that has been created in Pakistan.

Some press reports this morning that used the info we sent them.

1. The News – lead story on City page today by Shahid Husain – ‘Tough struggle needed to reform blasphemy law

2. Express Tribune: ‘Citizens for Democracy’ alliance formed to amend blasphemy laws

3. Daily Times used the info like a press statement: Citizens For Democracy meet at PMA House

Email sent to Citizens for Democracy e-group about the meeting yesterday: Continue reading

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