Balochistan: Condemn the target killing of Nazima Talib

Quetta University teachers protest against Nazima Talib's murder. Photo courtesy Dawn

Another senseless death. Photo: courtesy BBC

Elaborating on the note posted to my yahoogroup this morning:
Condemn the cold-blooded target killing of Prof. Nazima Talib, gunned down while¬†on her way in a rickshaw to the Department of Mass Communications of Balochistan¬†University where she taught for 23 years. BLA claims credit… How can they hope¬†to succeed if they kill educationists? Her murder is a devastating reminder of¬†how the innocent pay for the political ambitions of the ruthless.

See also¬†reports in CriticalPPP on the murder of Prof. Nazima Talib and¬†report in Dawn today about the professor’s burial in Karachi. She leaves behind an elderly widowed mother and a son, 24.

HRCP says: “It is unfortunate that most of senior Baloch leaders have not¬†condemned these ruthless killings strongly enough, some of them present¬†conspiracy theories to divert the blame from the Baloch organisations‚Ķ The¬†discontent among the Baloch youth could not be assuaged though several months¬†passed since the government made commitments to take measures to win over the¬†Baloch nationalists, especially the young Baloch, under the¬†Aghaz-i-Huqooq-i-Balochistan Package. The murder of the woman teacher at the¬†Balochistan University should serve as a reminder to the powers that be that¬†they need to act immediately and decisively to make things improve in the¬†Balochistan province”. Complete statement at HRCP blog

TALES OF DEPRIVATION IN MINERAL-RICH PROVINCE in The Daily Tawar, Baluchistan, translation posted at NewAgeIslam

The Baloch people have a right to self-determination –¬†A damning indictment of Pakistan’s continued military presence and human rights¬†violations in Balochistan by the British activist Peter Tatchell, advocating¬†Balochistan’s right to self-determination in Opendemocracy (thanks Anthony¬†Barnett for flagging this)

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