A South Asia women and peace weekend

Thrilled and honoured to be part of two peace building events with some awesome women this weekend, Saturday and Sunday. Tune in.

One is a discussion on Saturday titled “Women Talk Peace”, part of the month-long Sanjha Punjab Festival, an initiative of Majha House, Amritsar. The panel is moderated by the scintillating Mandira Nayar, a fine journalist in her own right whose grandfather was the iconic Kuldip Nayar, one of the leaders of the peace movement between India and Pakistan. On Facebook at this link.

Sanjha Punjab October Festival lineup 2021

The other is a two-day event titled “South Asia Union Summit Led by Women” organised by eShe magazine bringing together historians, economists, authors, activists, artists, educationists and media personalities from over a dozen countries. I’m in the last two panels on Sunday. Here’s a curtain raiser about the event, Women step up for peace in South Asia with 45 speakers from over a dozen countries which includes registration information.

Kudos to eShe editor Aekta Kapoor for her vision and organisation. She had already started her South Asia Union platform before we connected earlier this year and together initiated the South Asia Peace Action Network, Sapan. Lots of convergences. Many in our Sapan network are part of the eShe Summit, like Salima Hashmi, Khushi Kabir, Rita Manchanda, Hina Jilani, Priyanka Singh, Sarita Bartaula, Pragya Narang, to name some.

To watch and participate with comments, go to the eShe Facebook page – the panels are being broadcast live. Here are the summit hashtags: #saus2021 #womenforpeace #southasiaunion #southasiaunionsummit.

Oct. 2: Updated with Facebook links and hashtags


2 Responses

  1. Peace is needed in South Asia. But this can happen only on an initiative taken by the nations themselves. We cannot expect the non-Asian nations to make it a reality or perhaps they would never want.


  2. Through exclusive interviews of eye witnesses, authors, politicians, war veterans and rare archival footage, the documentary series traces in-depth and first account narratives outlining the reasons as well as events leading up to the Indian sponsored rebellion in East Pakistan, with the eventual creation of an independent state of Bangladesh.

    Watch JHAUR | War of 1971 on the YouTube Channel below.

    Teaser Out Now



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