Update on Hamid Ansari, Indian national “missing” in Pakistan

Hamid Ansari, 27, MBA, Rotarian from Mumbai... missing since Nov 2012

Hamid Ansari, 27, MBA, Rotarian from Mumbai… missing since Nov 2012

Update to case below: Hamid Ansari was produced in court, tried in a military court and awarded three years’ vigorous imprisonment starting from December 15, 2015. He has appealed to be treated not as a spy.

The police in Pakistan have confirmed that the ISI and MI have custody of Hamid Ansari, the young Indian national who has been missing in Pakistan since 2012. So will we see him produced in court as directed by the honorable judges? See my earlier post Hamid Ansari: Mumbai man missing in Pakistan (we treat each other’s citizens differently). On second thoughts, not that differently. Our security agencies treat their own citizens as badly. Plenty of examples all over both countries — Kashmir, Balochistan, Sindh, Assam, Manipur, to name some areas where such violations take place routinely. The documents below, presented to the Peshawar High Court, provide details of Hamid Nihal Ansari’s case.

FIR in Kohat Pol 1
FIR in Kohat pol 2
Translation of original statement of Urdu script,
Statement of Faizullah Khan (SHO)

In the court of Peshawar High Court
Writ petition No.1082/2014

Fauzia Ansari V/S Federation of Pakistan etc.

I solemnly give my statement that in 2012, I was deputed as SHO of KDA Police. On 14/11/2012, I was informed by a clerk of police station that I B Inspector needed some police to arrest a suspected person in KDA region. I was out of the police station and I allowed him to send police. After some time I reached police station. Mean while rider constables Mohd. Qasim and Abbas Ali, I B Inspector Naeemullah Khan and an unknown young man arrived to police station.

After some time the officials of MI and ISI also reached to police station. I informed to ex circle officer Mushtaq Husein DSP/HQ. Then Mushtaq Husein and Inspector Ibrahimullah (PSO) also reached to police station.

Inspector Ibrahimullah interrogated that unknown person and ASI Sariruddin brought his belongings to KDA police station. An I-card in the name of Hamza was recovered from that unknown person.

After that Inspector Ibrahimullah contacted DPO of Kohat and as a senior Police Officer SHO, using my rights, I handed over the unknown man and his bag to the officials of ISI and MI. They took the person and his bag from KDA police station.

The above statement is true in my extreme knowledge, nothing has been tampered and nothing has been kept hiding from the knowledge of the court.

Faizullah Khan
SI Hangu Police Line

Translation of Original Statement of Urdu Script:
Statement of Farid Khan, ASI, Dist. Karak.

I, Farid Khan, ASI, Dist. Karak, solemnly declare that I was on duty as a clerk at KDA, Kohat Police Station on 14/11/2012.

In the evening, I B Inspector Naeem informed me on the phone that Near KDA Hospital, there is a suspected person, seems to be a foreigner. Send some police to help me.

I immediately brought this to the notice of SHO Faizullah Khan and riders, 20 police individuals whoever on duty. After some time rider constable Abbas and Mohd. Qasim along with IB Inspector Naeem Khan and a young man in whose possession there was an I-Card in the name of Hamza and also a college I-card, arrived to police station. In the mean while Faizullah Khan, DSP HQ Mushtaq Khan and Inspector Ibrahimullah also came to police station.

As per instruction, Sariruddin ASI, with some police went to Hotel Palwasha and brought the bag of the said person. DSP Inspector and IB Inspector interrogated jointly the said person.

It was night time, on the instruction of officials , DSP, SHO, Hamza (Hamid Nehal Ansari) along with his bags in the custody of IB Inspector Naeemullah Khan, Inspector Mushtaq were taken in van for more interrogation.

After that I am unaware.

Farid Khan ASI
Dist. Karak
(NIC number and mobile number removed from this public update)

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