Rabid dogs and Shia killings

Omar Ali blog screengrabSharing here a screen grab from one of the most horrific videos of cold-blooded killings I’ve come across, that was posted by Dr. Omar Ali to his blog today. The incident probably took place about nine months ago, and those killed were probably Shia Hazaras; the video has been shared on facebook. Here’s an excerpt from Dr. Omar Ali’s post:

It took a lot of work (partition, two nation theory,Punjab holocaust, madressas, CIA, ISI) to get to this level of cold blooded hatred. And of course, the roots go back much further, all the way into our species and its biological evolution (though like Ghataprabha, I too fantasize about the goodness of the folk versus the evil of the elite, but then..)…anyhow, whatever the cause, these particular dogs are now rabid. As major Amin says, the handlers themselves are deluded if they think they can still use these canines for some “higher aim”. They will bite everyone. Their handlers included. And the SSG (Pakistan’s special services group commandos) are not going after them anytime soon. Some people think its because the strategic geniuses in the army still feel these are “our boys” , to be used later in Afghanistan and India. I think they may tell themselves that (everyone needs to feel their choices are good) but I am inclinded to think its mostly because the dogs are rabid and nobody wants to be bitten  [Click here to read the full post by Dr Ali]

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  1. Excellent,article of Beena Sarwar about the killing of Shia Muslim in Baluchistan. She highlighted as much as possible and reveal some of those hidden facts which are unknown to the people of Pakistan, it is very unfortunate that we always let these militants off the hook, and assume it could be used in future against the enemies in Eastern and Western boarders. National leader always forget the fact “tomorrow” will never come in the life of the nation. Every day is belonging to tomorrow, if you do not look after today we will not exist tomorrow. Policy maker might they show themselves as the geniuses but they are only fooling themselves. These are no strategic assets any more left in this country. They are the mercenary soldiers who ever pays them they will fight for, nobody give there life for the cause of country interest. It is the definite fact of life as soon as we accept this fact the quicker we can make progress.

    Therefore keeping these facts in mind if anybody harms our nation terrify our innocent women, children, people and much more destabilize the sovereignty of our country. We will not let them off. These culprits are involved in the sectarian or target killing which are not faithful for the country, they are the worst saga of our history. They need to be punished severely, and require the dissolving of these militant operations. The other thing that needs to be decided the nation will not survive in this tangible environment. Securities agencies must be maintained and provide the humble, safer atmospheric live able situation for the people of Pakistan. Idea of security state is losing its ground. Indeed this ideology is keeping the threaten tension circumstancing the nation to live with the fear and insecure environment but it will not be possible any longer. This cannot achieve anything to help us as a country. Now it is necessary to adopt a new principal to not be the cause of threats for our neighbours. We must remove all the mercenaries and breach the tension between both countries through peaceful delegations rather than threats. It is the time to remove every hurdler that comes in between keeping the peace. We must not give a single chance to anybody to interfere in our domestic affairs .It is hard but we must not deem this task impossible, to our keep country safe we need to grow the prosperity of the nation. It could happen if we have no threats from inside and outside of the country. Our country is full of natural resources which we can promptly use to develop the infrastructures of becoming a more advanced social and political nation, only then can we be able to bring the happiness and smile on the faces of the poor and to our struggling nation since 1947. This present time is started the wakens of our nation try to stand among the strong nation on the bases of equal terms, God gives us every opportunity to get flourish within the prosperous Nations, but for the God sake should come out from sectarianism killings we all Muslim believe the one God and Messengers of Allah PBUH comes at the time when Allah need to send them as required time of every Nation. Now we are the follower of the Noble Prophet of Allah Muhammad (PBUM).Allah said in “Quran” “Say (O Muhammad PBUM to mankind) If you (really) love Allah then follow me (i.e.; accept Islamic monotheism, follow the Quran and Sunniah) Allah will love you. Love of Allah’s messenger (PBUM) is the part of our faith. There is a Hadith (tradition) of the Prophet (PBUM) who said; none of you has faith unless I am the dearer to you then your father and your sons and all mankind.

    Now come to the point what is the meaning to kill the Muslim by the Muslim without any reason. Even if you got the reason even then should adopt the proper way of court proceeding, any religion not allow anybody to take the law in his hand. Shia Muslim is the part of the Muslim family, we cannot ignore the verdict of Prophet (PBUM) Muslim like is a one body, if any part of body feel pain whole body feel uncomfortable. How come fanatics called themselves as Muslim and kill the one part of body of Islam. They are creating the weakness of Muslim strength and unity and they are not the Muslims even not Pakistani, if we go bit further not belong to us. We need to condemn any sort of violence within country and outside the country. Muslim are the messengers of the peace, even our religion teach us the attitude to non-Muslims. This is our duties if any none-Muslim communities are living with us. We need to protect them and provide them the safeguard for their security. Now it will be more shameful for us, if Militant only kill our Shia brother on the name of ethnic back ground, being a Muslim we have the strongest relationship on the bases of our religion. Because of this relation we become the brother and sister without considering the ethnic background. No matter we live in East, West, North and south the religion have a tightrope association among with us.

    Therefore we have to get rid of the black sheep from our communities and we are not able to peculiarly set side of our Shia Muslim communities no matter they are in Baluchistan or other part of country.

    Written by Saeed Ahmed, former vice President of Urdu Science college 1976/1977 and former Vice President of Atlas Group of Companies Union.1977/1983

    Email. saroya_family@hotmail.com


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