Campaign against VDay but not against LeJ

After the blast: Children's shoes and a doll on the blood-splattered road at Kirani Road, Quetta

After the blast: Children’s shoes and a doll on the blood-splattered road at Kirani Road, Quetta

The latest bomb blast in Quetta, again targeting Hazara Shia Muslims – over 800 kg of explosives packed in a water tanker – has killed over 70 people so far including women and children. The casualties have been mounting, with over 150 injured. The Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) has again claimed responsibility, barely a month after the blast at Alamdar Road that claimed over 118 lives, including that of our activist friend Irfan Ali, and the unprecedented ‘coffin protest‘ that led to Governor’s Rule in Balochistan.

Let's campaign against love, let hate flourish

Let’s campaign against love, let hate flourish

The hyper nationalist defenders of Pakistan’s ‘ideology’ can campaign against Valentines Day. Even Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority, PEMRA, falls in line, dutifully issuing a letter warning TV channels not to promote Valentine’s Day, as it may “injure” the “morality” of our youth (reproduced below). They can instigate campaigns promoting false accusations of blasphemy, spreading confusion and endangering lives. But catch them saying a word against the ongoing target killing of Shia Muslims –  #ShiaGenocide – or call to act against the LeJ, Lashkar-e-Tayyaba (LET), or the Taliban – no, we should have talks with them, guns to our heads, while they massacre innocents, including children.

Oh, and also let the representatives of these banned organisations appear on live TV to give interviews as they have been doing. Where were these people and where was PEMRA then? And most importantly, where are the security forces that should be acting against these #cowardthugs?
PEMRA VDay letter 2013

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  1. So you are more concerned that V-Day was not allowed or killing of Shias or just none?


    • FIR No. 47/2013, Accused Mumtaz Baloch and Imran Choudhry in a rape case in Clifton Police Station. Please help the victim as she is being pressurized by the political figures. Thank you.


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