Who Was Dr. Baqir Shah?

Since the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) continues to block Baloch Hal in Pakistan, I’m posting these news items from their website here. The saga of Pakistan’s ‘enlightenment’ martyrs continues…

Who Was Dr. Baqir Shah?

The Baloch Hal News

QUETTA: Dr. Baqir Shah, a police surgeon, had conducted the postmortem of the five foreigners, including three women who were brutally killed by the firing of security forces in Kharotabad area on May 17 this year. He had come up with a report that the victims were killed by the bullets that contradicted to the claims of security forces that the foreigners were killed due to explosion of a hand grenade that was in their hand.

Dr. Baqir Shah had made it public that he was receiving threats to his life after the statements he had made in the media and in front of the inquiry tribunal. He had raised fingers at some “quarters” for pressurizing him to change the earlier post mortem report and make it look supportive of the official stance of the police and the Frontier Corps.

Besides the threats, Dr. Shah was badly beaten up by a group of ten people attired in police uniform on Quetta’s Prince Road in a similar attempt to force him to change his statement against the local police and the FC. Later on, he was taken to the City Police Station.

Taking notice of that incident, the inquiry tribunal, which was headed by Balochistan High Court judge, Justice Muhammad Hashim Khan Kakar, had recommended the suspension of two sub-house officers (SHOs). In addition, Dr. Shah had reiterated threats to his life in front of the tribunal and complained that the government had not provided him security.

Police Surgeon Dr. Baqir Shah Assassinated in Quetta

The Baloch Hal News

QUETTA: Unidentified persons shot dead police surgeon Dr. Baqir Shah, the key forensic investigator in the Kharotabad incident, in Quetta on Thursday, confirmed Superintendent of Police Fareedullah Bareach.

Bareach told reporters in Quetta it was premature to say it was a case of target killing ahead of official investigations.

The slain doctor was on his way home from Bolan Medical Complex hospital, where he was working, along with his personal staff Abdul Hameed Mengal when armed persons opened fire from point blank range close to his residence at Sabzal Road. He received all bullets in his skull and died on the spot. He was taken to Bolan Medical Complex Hospital in his car where the doctors pronounced his death.

Abdul Hameed Mengal, the only witness who sitting behind in the car, told the police that when  Dr. Shah slowed his car close to his house, one of the two gun men waiting along with their motorcycle rushed towards him and aimed the pistol and started firing at him. He said both were covering their faces and escaped on motorcycle.

A large number of doctors and his relatives rushed to hospital after hearing about his murder.

Police and personnel of Frontier Corps rushed to the site and cordoned off the area.

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  1. This just makes me so angry!


  2. This is one more reason why all intelligence agencies should be answerable to and under strict civilian control.


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