Curiouser and curiouser… First Mansoor Ijaz, now Shafqatullah Sohail…

Chief Justice of Pakistan: over-enthusiastic about some issues?

Today’s headline and report in Express Tribune ‎”Citizen’s letter prompts notices to president, ISI chief”  prompts advocate Asad Jamal in Lahore to ask, rightly, who is this “Canada-based Pakistani” Shafqatullah Sohail ‘who has written such a passionate letter that the CJP immediately converted it into a petition?
Interestingly, and intriguingly, the letter takes care of the questions raised as to the maintainability of memo case petitions which the drafters of first nine petitions could not carefully attend to. In his petition he says that committees could delay the outcome of the probe into the memo affair and that he feared for the life of his family because he felt the government could invite “enemies to kill us”.’

Daily Times ‘has got it even better’: Mr. Shafqatullah Sohail has said in his petition: “My family members are in the army and all family members are in Pakistan, therefore, I am feeling insecure from this government because they could invite our enemies to kill us”.

Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry directed that this application should be treated as a petition under Article 184(3) as prima facie in this matter a threat to the security of Pakistan/citizens had been alleged, reports The News. Canadian citizen Shafqatullah Sohail had sent a letter to the chief justice on November 19, saying that “the memo issue was directly related to the security of Pakistan and the armed forces of Pakistan, therefore it was a matter of national security and national interest.”

“This conversion (of the letter into a petition) shows just how hellbent the CJP is to violate the constitution,” tweeted advocate Yasser Latif Hamdani (@therealYLH). “Human rights petition for a canadian resident? But no human rights petition for Ahmadis who are expelled from schools?”

“We should petition the CJ to take suo moto notice of ISI as a threat to Pakistan,” added journalist Fifi Haroon (@fifiharoon).

Good to learn just now that some people are already working along these lines. Watch this space.

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