As winter sets in, flood survivors in Sindh need more help

In all the excitement about ‘memogate’, let’s remember to spare a thought — and some cash and other items — for the flood survivors of Pakistan. As winter sets in and the cold winds start to blow, they need our help more than ever. Here’s a note I’ve been meaning to post out for some time, information provided by friend and music lover Siraj Khan who personally vouches for the Pathfinders Welfare Organisation, a volunteer group doing flood relief work primarily in the Badin area of Sindh. “PWO is unique in many ways. Its team is made almost entirely of students from local medical colleges. Many are girls. There was one who even used to ride her brother’s motorbike for work, if other transport wasn’t available,” says Siraj. “PWO needs more visibility for its work and, of course, funds.”

According to an email, the “PWO team is on the ground, making themselves available to the flood victims round the clock, by providing them with cooked food, rations, essential medicines and clean drinking water. Our volunteer team is made up mostly of students from local medical colleges and members of the army, working during their extra available hours.”

PWO is providing several pre-selected need-based families with rations for a month, with items including the following per family:
1. Atta (flour) 10 kg
2. Rice 10 kg
3. Sugar 2 kg
4. Ghee 4 kg
5. Tea packets
6. Milk packs ( included infant milk)
7. Biscuit packets
8. Tin food
9. Medicines ( including water purifying tabs)
10. Clothes
11. Soaps
13. Washing bar
14. Washing detergent
15. Masala (spices) packs
16. Utensils for cooking food
17. Slippers
18. Tents
19. Mosquito nets
20. Food for livestock
21. Drinking water plastic glasses
22. Juice packs
23. Lentils
24. Match boxes
25. Tooth paste and tooth brush

PWO is also providing cooked food twice daily to other pre-selected families. “With the demand/supply situation and logistical challenges in the present adverse conditions, we have to consistently look for the cheapest sources of supply. Foreign aid is coming in far too slowly, even with NGOs much larger than us.”

They need support in the form of additional contributions and donations to help the many homeless.

Contact for donations and contributions:
Dr Farhana Hussain, email:
Telephone: +92 346 216 6713
Bank Account no. : 01151137801

Standard Chartered Bank, Zamzama Branch, Karachi, Pakistan

PWO facebook page

Youtube channel:

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