Salute to Sanjiv Bhatt

A poem by Prof. Badri Raina in New Delhi, honouring Sanjiv Bhatt, the IPS officer (Gujarat Intelligence) “who spilled the beans on Modi, revealing how at the meeting of Feb.,27, 2002 Modi had instructed the police to let the Hindus vent their anger; you can imagine what travails he is facing, having now even written an open letter to Modi on the subject of the riots.”

Sanjiv Bhatt’s response to Badri Raina: “Thank you very much for writing to me. Your poem has truly humbled me and further strengthened my resolve to ensure that Gujarat Riots of 2002 is never repeated anywhere in this country.”

Thank you Sanjiv Bhatt. We need officers like you in Pakistan also. There are some mob violence murders disguised as ‘religious riots’ that could do with some whistle-blowing too. Here’s the poem:

Sanjeev Bhatt

May I salute you, officer Bhatt,
For feckless citizen that I am,
However well-meaning,
Your Promethean metal
Fires my feebleness to a blaze;
You are to our home-grown tyrants
As Bhagat Singh was to the Angrez.

Like the Amazon, Setalvad,
On the worst of day
You teach the lesson that
The poet of old taught—
When the sensible-terrified
Slink from your side,
Then `ekla chalo re.’

As to success, success is not
Merely the end of things;
Success is in the soul that
Man, woman, or child brings
To what is with mortal dangers fraught.

The success you already have
Is not for a season or two;
It is a flavour that generations
Will savour,
A rod of steel that the fallen
Spine will raise, giving to cruelty
And cunning their due.

— Badri Raina, New Delhi

8 Responses

  1. […] Salute to Sanjiv Bhatt […]


  2. I hope that what Julian Assange once said still holds true: ‘Courage is contagious.’

    Sanjeev sahab is a good example of good citizenry.


  3. Aweosme words for 0fficer Bhatt! Thanks Prof Raina!! May I request people of the worldto unite, come forward to be the support of this man! Officer Bhatt indeed is “Courage” personified. Our salute to this brave heart!! Can we do something for this man, who has risked his all for people like us, so that we sleep safe?? This noble soul is fighting his battle alone,let’s come tother to be with him at the least!!


  4. Modi ka Gujrat nirala huwa badnami sey behad kala.
    miltey usmey chor uchakey, daku bhi aur khooni bhi.
    Modi jab bhi ata hai manch par, lakhon uspey thooktey har dam.
    Modi jab bhi upwaas karta , kharchey jum kar hotey hain har dam.
    Modi jab sota hai thak key, jail key sapney dikhtey hain har dam.
    Modi adhi raat ko uthkar, rota hai apney kiye par raat bhar.
    Modi ka Gujrat nirala huwa badnami sey behad kala.
    miltey usmey chor uchakey, daku bhi aur khooni bhi.
    kabhi kabhi jab need ati hai, bistar par hagleta hai dar kar.
    ek taraf SC ka dar hai, doosri taraf hai dar Bhatt IPS ka.
    jasoda ney bhi thooka hai uspar, to thooktey hain sabhi log uspar.
    Modi ka Gujrat nirala huwa badnami sey behad kala.
    miltey usmey chor uchakey, daku bhi aur khooni bhi.
    oonchey oochey imarat banaya, Reliance ko bhi shamil kiya.
    that hi Gujrat pehley sey oocha, kiya kya Modi naya karnama.
    bas mara uney mazloom musalmaan, isai ko ka bhi girija giraya.
    Modi ka Gujrat nirala huwa badnami sey behad kala.
    miltey usmey chor uchakey, daku bhi aur khooni bhi.
    ab to wo jayega jaimein, chahey kuch bhi karey chamchey
    RSS bhi jayegi gadey mein, wo din hai ab aya sameat key.
    Modi ka Gujrat nirala huwa badnami sey behad kala.
    miltey usmey chor uchakey, daku bhi aur khooni bhi.


    • Bhaiyyu tumne to kamal ka kaam kia hai Jeete raho
      Dil khol kar sachchi baaten likh dia tumne hamari aankhen khol din
      Modi jaise bhrast aur gaddi ke lalchi netaon ke kaaran desh mein dange fasad hote hain
      Aise log desh ki ekta ke liye khatra hain
      Hamko aise logon se nipatna hai
      Meri tumse guzarish hay aisi kavitae likhte raho- inse desh wasi sajag honge aur sampradic sauhard badhega.


  5. Sanjeev Bhatt ! You are Great ! Though many of us thinking of out inner feeling many times, which hurt some of us many times, we never come out like WHAT YOU DID, since we are sick of these dirty politicians and the love and affection we have with our families.

    You have considered the affected families as equal to as your own.
    Great. There are no words to praise you. Atleast I know one of the high level officer who told me once, I have resigned since I could not tolerate what these dirty politician asking me to do. He is not at the Junior level person. He is THE SENIOR MOST in the state hierarchy.

    Having said that People in particular Modi does not have any back bone now to do anything wrong. If he has not learn his lesson yet, then for sure I hope, WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA , will TEACH HIM THE RIGHT LESSON.

    My heartiest sincere wishes to you and your loved ones who has ready for any kind of sacrifices.


  6. Dear, sir
    You r real hero of our country.
    Ha yahi rasta he tera, tune ab jana he
    Roke tujko andhiya ya modi ya xxx payega jo laxy he tera…
    You r real one man army.
    Modi u r big cheater in gujarat.
    Jab chadi ghili ho jati he modi ki tab a.c hall me upvas krte he.
    Pr, ab bhot samay tk tumhara dhong chalne vala nhi he, kyun ki gujarat me honest ips aa chuka he, ab aapki lilao ka ghada futne vala he.


  7. Sanjeev Bhatt….RESPECT.


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