Why Pakistan must repeal the ‘blasphemy law’

Posted to the Citizens for Democracy blog, via the Council on Foreign RelationsTwo high-profile Pakistani politicians were assassinated earlier this year for calling for reform of the country’s blasphemy laws which allow offenders to be punished by death. Ali Dayan Hasan, a senior researcher at Human Rights Watch, says the laws are discriminatory by nature and must be repealed. The context of this brief interview is available at the CFR study: Islam and Politics in Pakistan

2 Responses

  1. In fact BL cannot be called a law when it is actually an apartheid edict liable to be abused by any body maliciously. But the problem is in paky demoncracy only the demon rules. It no longer remains a question of bigotry or religious persecution only as is generally believed, but of morality, human rights and justice and should be dealt with as such like apartheid by the international community.


  2. […] Why Pakistan must repeal the ‘blasphemy law’ […]


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