Ilyas Kashmiri, Saleem Shehzad and the media in Pakistan

“It’s amazing how things change here. The moment it was reported that Ilyas Kashmiri was killed the entire media began explaining that he was a mastermind of the Mehran attack. The only person who had reported this at the time of the attach was Saleem Shehzad, and look what they did to him.

“Up to the point of Kashmiri’s killing the media were busy peddling conspiracy theories with no clear view on who was behind the Mehran attack – or deliberately obfuscating, as one would surmise now. And the only person who was taking a clear view had to be silenced. Then, with the killing of Kashmiri in a drone attack, with cooperation from the Pakistani side, everything changes.

“Now a fully worked out CV of Kashmiri becomes available within minutes with every news outlet. A CV that is exactly what Shehzad had compiled and includes feats such as Mehran, GHQ and Mumbai. This rapid clarity following such intense confusion without any visible process of getting from one to the other needs to be explained”

— comment from a friend in Karachi

4 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing. Very very good commentary from your friend.


  2. Also, I’m going to share this link on my facebook if you don’t mind. Simply because these thoughts were troubling me as well. And now they’ve been echoed so concisely and articulated.



  3. […] Ilyas Kashmiri, Saleem Shehzad and the media in Pakistan […]


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