Sherry Rehman Appeals to Government to file Mukhtara Mai’s Review in Court

Mukhtiar Mai: Justice delayed, then denied. Still from my documentary "Mukhtiar Mai: The Struggle for Justice" (2006)

Sherry Rehman Appeals to Government to file Mukhtara Mai’s Review in Court.

Islamabad, 22nd April 2011: Speaking on a point of order in the National Assembly, former minister and MNA Sherry Rehman has asked the government to not just provide security to Mukhtara Mai, but to file a review appeal in the Supreme Court.

” Mukhtara Mai has been fighting for justice against her rapists for nine years now. Clearly, the evidence that would assist the court has been tampered at the behest of local influentials of Muzzafargarh, and while we need to review our system of police investigations, it is imperative that Shaheed Benazir Bhutto’s government and party stand up for the victim to assist her in her hour of most desperate need. I appeal to President Zardari and the Prime Minister, Yusuf Reza Gilani, to take urgent notice of this matter and instruct the Attorney General to take up this case on her behalf so that the women of Pakistan have their confidence restored in the state. We may not be able to hold back the wave of violence against women all over the country, but it is important to act when we can, and where we can, so that impunity does not remain an everyday option. It is traumatic enough for a woman to report a rape; but in this case particularly we know what was done to her publically. I hope the majesty of justice will prevail in a last appeal for this long-suffering woman. I salute her courage, and all those organizations who have stood by her all these years. I hope this appeal is not in vain, and am confident that the government will respond favourably” said Rehman

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  1. There was a Phoolan Devi in India who was raped by about two dozen people but she avenged it as a ruthless dacoit and the matter ended there. Mukhtaran Mai on the other hand was allegedly raped by a half a dozen people but she encashed it abundantly. What is the fuss with the Mai worshipers now. Which justice do they want.
    They rejected justice by a people’s court (a Punchayat) on the basis of ‘tooth for tooth’ which meant ‘rape for rape’ and they reject now even the verdict of the highest court of the land. What is left now is the Shariat Court which Mai had quite understandably evaded. Now do they want to take the case to the international court of justice or wait for a Talibani Shariat Court which may call all Mai-worshipers to bring four duly qualified witnesses or face at least 80 lashes each.


  2. […] Sherry Rehman Appeals to Government to file Mukhtara Mai’s Review in Court […]


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