Prominent Indian citizens condemn violence in Kashmir on Eid Day, demand inquiry

In a press note released today, prominent Indian citizens have condemned violence in Kashmir on Eid Day and demanded an inquiry. Received from People’s Initiative on Jammu & Kashmir (c/o Confederation of Voluntary Associations, COVA, 20-4-10, Charminar Hyderabad, A.P. India; Ph:+91-40-24572984; Email:

Violence in Kashmir on Eid Day: Condemnation and Demand for Enquiry

SEPT 13: We condemn strongly and unequivocally the incidences of violence and arson in Srinagar on the day of Eid by some miscreants.

Thousands had gathered for the protest rally on the call given by the Hurriyiat and no incidence of violence took place all through the 5 km. long route of the procession. Trouble started only on the conclusion of the meeting and when the crowds were dispersing. Mirwaiz Umar Farooq the leader of Huriat has also condemned the violence and demanded an independent enquiry.

At a time when the government of India is seriously considering a peace package for Jammu & Kashmir including the withdrawal of AFSPA, the instigation of such violence could jeopardize all peace initiatives and appears to be motivated by forces who do not want the return of peace and normalization to the troubled state of Jammu & Kashmir. All such actors and forces responsible for the violence aimed at derailing the proposed peace process should be exposed in the interest of the nation and also of the people of Jammu & Kashmir who are the direct victims of the entire crises.

As extensive photos and video footages of the scenes of violence are available, it should be easy to catch all those responsible for engaging in violence on Eid day and through them, expose the forces that are behind this conspiracy. As the determination and exposure of these diabolical forces is of great national importance as this could prepare the path for Peace in Jammu & Kashmir, we demand an Enquiry by a Supreme Court judge to bring out facts and also punish the perpetrators and the conspirators.

It is rather disturbing that that the government had left the important government establishments along the route of the returning procession unguarded. The Enquiry should also cover why such a thing has happened. We also urge the state government to desist from using this incidence of violence to curb the rights of the people to demonstrate and protest. Any such action by the government could aggravate the situation and further alienate the people. The government would be well within its right to take all necessary precautions and make all the necessary measures, as per the accepted protocols for crowd management to ensure that no party or group engages in any acts of violence or destabilizes peace but there should be no dilution of the right of the people to peaceful protest or express their dissent. .

Swami Agnivesh
Mazher Hussain
Admiral L. Ramdas
Mohini Giri
Mohd. Shafi Pandit
Jatin Desai

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  1. I strongly condem the violence in peaceful rally of Kashmiri Muslims. Conspiratots should bring to justice. People of Jammu and Kashmir are struggling for their basic right of freedom from India.
    Peace process will only be successful by implimenting UNO resolutions for the disputed jammu and Kashmir


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